Full Service Video Production

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  •    ABC
  •    Apple
  •    AT&T
  •    Bank of America
  •    BMC
  •    BroadcastMed
  •    California Hospital Association
  •    California Teachers Association
  •    CBS News
  •    Crews Control
  •    Discovery
  •    Gartner
  •    IBM
  •    Johnson & Johnson
  •    Junket Productions
  •    McKinsey & Company
  •    Microsoft
  •    NBC and CNBC
  •    Sanofi
  •    Shaklee
  •    Simpson Strong-Tie
  •    United States Postal Service
  •    Wells Fargo & Company


“Niels has an incredible diversity of experience as a director and cameraman, and it shows in his ability to think on his feet, even under really adverse conditions.”

—Gary Fusco, Shaklee

“Niels Melo’s work is distinct and contemporary. His camera and editing together produce a consistently clear and lively approach.”

—Madeleine Nichols, The N.Y. Public Library for the Performing Arts

“Niels Melo is a true professional who effectively and creatively captures our stories without adding to the difficulty of the environment.”

—Tracy Campbell, California Hospital Association

“Niels Melo is among the rare breed of network news cameramen who truly ‘get it.’ His work exhibits constant editorial savvy, logistical know-how and terrific pictures.”

—Jennifer Siebens, CBS News

“Niels Melo is a great asset to our clients. He is a great shooter, with a calm personality, and the ability to ‘MacGyver’ his way out of tricky situations.”

—Valerie Nolan, Crews Control

“Niels Melo rocks!”

—Kathleen Llewellyn, Wells Fargo Creative Services